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1. Introduction

1.1 xyz.co.uk is the owner and operator of this website. The information about our business appears at the end of this document. We are subject to Financial Conduct Authority regulation with regard to regulated claims management operations, and the website register.fca.org.uk has a record of our registration. 

1.2 Please carefully read these terms and conditions. Any earlier versions are cancelled and replaced. You consent to being bound by these terms and conditions by registering on or using our website (as defined below). Because we won’t store a copy of these conditions in a file just for the transaction with you and because we can’t guarantee that they’ll still be available on our website in the future, please print or save them for later use. There is only an English version of these terms and conditions.

1.3 These terms and conditions equally apply to all possible Users.

2. Definitions

2.1 The following definitions apply to capitalised terms in these terms and conditions: 

a) “Content” refers to all data of any type that is posted, saved, or transmitted on or in connection with our website. 

b) “User” refers to any individual or group utilising our website, whether or not they have an account with us.

3. Changes to the terms and conditions

3.1 We have the right to update these terms and conditions whenever considered necessary by posting the updated version online. Please occasionally check our website. If you use our website after the indicated effective date, you will be subject to the updated agreement.

4. Use of our website

4.1 Subject to these terms and conditions, we now grant Users a personal, limited, and non-transferable right to access and use our website. 

4.2 If you are under 18, you are ineligible to use our website and must not do so. 

4.3 You consent to refraining from the following in relation to the website:

a) violate any relevant law, rule, or code of conduct; 

b) submit or publish any content (including references or links to other content), or act in any other way that:

i) is defamatory, offensive, harassing, threatening, hateful, invasive privacy, vulgar, racist, discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually suggestive, encouraging of self-harm, misleading, abusive, or deceptive; 

ii) violates any intellectual property or other rights of others; 

iii) involves phishing, scamming, or other similar activities; 

iv) is otherwise inappropriate in our sole discretion; 

c) sells access to the website; 

d) uses the website to offer a competing product or service to third parties; 

e) sells advertising, sponsorship, or promotions on or in connection with Content unless we have expressly authorised such activity; 

f) uses the website for any commercial purpose.

g) utilise the website for pyramid, similar, or fraudulent schemes, junk mail, or spam;

h) take any action that could result in the website being disrupted, such as by using worms, viruses, software bombs, or mass mailings; 

i) take any action that could impair other Users’ usage of the website; 

j) gain unauthorised access to any area of the website or the technology that makes it possible; 

k) use any automated method to communicate with our systems aside from open search engines; 

l) try, encourage, or support any of the aforementioned actions.

4.4 You are not allowed to do anything that could harm our reputation. 

4.5 You are required to abide by any rules or specifications on our website. 

4.6 You are required to immediately abide by any reasonable request or directive made by us in relation to the website. 

4.7 You are responsible for making sure that any contact or other information you give us is true and not misleading, and you agree to update it as necessary to keep it that way.

5. Important – the nature of our website

5.1 We don’t deal with or offer advice on accident claims. Simply forwarding claims to claims management firms or solicitors is all that we do. All inquiries are sent directly to National Accident Helpline (a brand of National Accident Law, a personal injury law business governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority), unless otherwise specified on our website. We might be compensated by National Accident Law for our marketing efforts. You give them permission to contact you about your claim.

5.2 We do not support or promote any claims management firms or attorneys we bring to you. 

5.3 You must conduct your own thorough research before hiring claims management firms or lawyers, including if they are a good fit for your needs. With respect to their services or actions, we disclaim any liability. Any questions or grievances should be addressed to them.

6. Third party services / advertising / websites

6.1 We might make use of third-party services, show third-party advertising on our website, or link to other websites that might be of interest to you. We neither promote nor suggest those websites or services, and we are not legally liable for them. You do so at your own peril. 

7. Guidance by us

7.1 Any advice or other similar material that we provide on our website is meant to be used as extremely broad advice, but we make no claims as to its accuracy or currentness, and we disclaim all liability for it. You must conduct your own pertinent and careful research before acting on such material, including inquiries into its accuracy and applicability to your needs. The data is not meant to be taken as advise from a professional or otherwise. At your own risk, rely on such information. 

7.1.1 Any compensation estimates offered through our “compensation calculator” or “value my claim” services are just meant to serve as extremely general guiding information; we don’t guarantee that they are always accurate or current, and we do not take any liability for them. The Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases served as the source for these estimations.

7.1.2 Any advice offered in connection with your claim when you use our “Check My Claim” service is meant to serve as extremely broad advice, but we are unable to vouch for its accuracy or timeliness, nor do we assume any liability for it. 

7.2 Although “No Win, No Fee” and other similar terms are mentioned on the website, we cannot guarantee that your claim falls under one of these categories. Please heed the counsel of the claims management firm or attorney you are working with. 

8. Your account

 8.1 If we allow you to open an account on our website, it is only for your own use and cannot be shared with anyone else. No one else may use your account with your permission or authorization. 

Your password, along with any other account or identifying information, must be kept secure and private. Any apparent security breach, such as the loss, theft, abuse, or unauthorised disclosure or use of a password, must be reported to us right away. Except and to the extent we are at fault, you are accountable for anyone else using your account or identity. 

9. Working of our website 

9.1 We make no promises on the continuity or absence of mistakes with regard to the website, and we disclaim all liability for any losses resulting from such interruptions or errors. 

9.2 We may suspend the website at any time for maintenance, improvement, or other technical reasons without prior notice or consequence.

9.3 As long as the modifications don’t have a materially negative impact, we may make changes to the website without warning and without incurring any duty. 

10. Liability 

10.1 Nothing in this Agreement reduces or otherwise eliminates our liability for death or bodily damage caused by our carelessness, for fraud or any kind offraudulent misrepresentation, or for any other liability that can’t be legally excluded or limited. Any reference to us in this section also refers to our agents and employees. 

10.2 Prior to incurring any fees for self-remediation, you must provide us a reasonable chance to address any issue for which we may be held responsible.

10.3 We shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents in cases where: 

a) we or any of our employees or agents have not violated a legal duty of care owed to you; 

b) the loss or damage was not anticipated by you and us at the time we entered into this contract; 

c) the loss or damage was caused by you, such as by failing to follow this agreement,  

10.4 You are responsible for any loss or damage that we sustain as a result of your violation of this agreement or improper use of our website, subject, of course, to our duty to limit damages. 

11. Rights to intellectual property 

11.1 We or our partners are the sole or joint owners of all trade names, logos, trademarks, content, graphics, pictures, photographs, videos, text, and software used on the website. You may read such material on your computer and print one copy for your personal use only. Without our express prior written approval, you are not entitled to use, sublicense, retrieve, display, edit, reproduce, print, sell, distribute, download, hire, reverse engineer (unless expressly permitted by relevant law), generate extracts from, or derivative works from, such material.

11.2 To be clear, without our express prior written consent, you may not gather, scrape, harvest, frame, or deep link to any Content on our website. 

12. Privacy 

12.1 You understand and agree that we may use and process your personal information in accordance with the terms of our current, subject to modification, privacy and cookies policy. 

13. Uncontrollable circumstances 

13.1 If any obligation under this agreement is not performed or is performed late due to reasons beyond of our reasonable control, such as third party telecommunication issues, we are not responsible.

14. Transfer

14.1 If we take reasonable measures to ensure that your rights under this agreement are not harmed, we may transfer all or a portion of our rights/obligations under this agreement. You may not assign your rights/obligations under this Agreement since it is personal to you without our prior written authorization. 

15. English law  

15.1 English law shall govern these terms and conditions, and only British courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any issues. Any contractual disagreement you may have with us may be resolved with the assistance of an EU online dispute resolution service. Visit http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ to access this service.

16. General

16.1 Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, we may provide all notices required by this agreement via email to the most recent email address you have provided to us. The headings used here are for informational purposes only and are not legally binding. It is not a “waiver” (i.e., that it cannot be enforced later) if either party fails to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this agreement when it is first intended to be done so. Any provision that is invalid or unenforceable for any reason shall be replaced with a provision that, to the greatest extent practicable, accomplishes the same result, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. 

Except as specifically provided otherwise, no person who is not a party/subject to this agreement shall have any rights to enforce this agreement. Except as otherwise specified herein, the parties are independent contractors, and nothing in this agreement designates any party as the other’s agent, employee, or representative. 

17. Complaints

 17.1 If you have any problems, do get in touch with us using the website’s complaints page. 

18. Company details 

18.1 Company name: cardiffnowinnofeesolicitors

18.2 Country of incorporation: UK, Cardiff

18.3 Registered number: +44 29 2271 1208

18.4 Registered office: <OFFICE ADDRESS>

18.5 Other contact information: See our website.

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